Thursday, 30 October 2008

Life in the snow lane.

When I told people of my plans to move to Orkney the first thing 90% of the people said was ''ooh it's cold up there'' followed by a series of jokes about horizontal rain and the need for knitted hats and waterproof trousers. I would then proceed to tell them that ''actually because we are surrounded by the sea we rarely go below freezing and you hardly ever have to scrape the ice off your car''

Skip forward to Tuesday and imagine my disgust at having to stand outside in the freezing cold and snow while I scraped the dang ice of the windscreen. I wasn't bothered about having to do it. I was more bothered about the string of emails I would undoubtedly get from 'friends' reminding me how they were right all along. ggrrr as well as bbrrrr.

I was armed and ready to defend myself by saying how incredibly rare it was to snow before about February and even the Orcadians were saying it was cold when behold, music to my ears, apparently the villages back where I came from had 2 inches!

I'm pleased to say thngs have much improved since then and we've had some lovely sunshine, though admittedly it's been a bit nippy. Anyway being as we all suffered a little the other day can we go back to zero on the 'how many times have you had to scrape your car this year?'

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, it snowed on the Shropshire hills too and I had my first snowball fight of the winter in October, unexpectedly in this era of global warming (why does everyone thing it's such a bad thing?)