Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Soap box rant

Apparently there have been a string of complaints about a picture of Davina McCall made up like a zombie on the front cover of a TV listing that comes with a news paper. The bulk of the complaints are because the paper is easily accessible to children and the picture simply too upsetting. I have to agree and think the complaints are very valid. It seems bizarre sometimes how we have the watershed for TV programmes but broadcasters can say anything they like on the tea time news! It's (sadly) very common to hear about people being raped, stabbed, sexually assaulted, prostitution, murder, drug addiction etc all while eating the chicken nuggets. I realise we live in a world where sadly there is too much of this going on and children can't be shielded and protected from every minor thing. It just seems to me to be a strange loophole that 'news talk' doesn't seem to apply to the watershed. The same goes for TV magazines and the like. The adverts through these publications can be really quite explicit and anyone can see them while flicking through to see when Blue Peter is going to be on. I recently signed a petition to stop such adverts being published in tv magazines. Whether the petition will have any effect remains to be seen.

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