Saturday, 25 October 2008

The art of juggling.

Last Sunday I heard a really inspiring sermon on the book of Ruth. For those of you who don't know it, it's a story in the Old Testament about a young widowed woman and her mother in law and how God restored their life after a series of terrible events. In their case famine and the death of their husbands. After their trials God restored them and gave Ruth a second husband and son and Naomi, her mother-in-law a grandson.

I'm not a widow, but I am a single parent and one thing God reminded me through this sermon was how He hasn't forgotten me and He knows what a sometimes almost impossible job being a single parent is. I often desribe it as having to be both good cop and bad cop. Or differently put I have to dish out the discipline followed by the comfort on a regular basis. This is not a pity party. I'm just saying it the way it is. Single parenting is without a doubt one of the hardest jobs there can be if you want to do it right and to the best of your ability. Sometimes I feel like I have all these balls in the air and I don't know which one to throw, which ones to catch and which ones to drop on the ground. One time I was bemoaning how hard it was to God and He reminded me that He was a single parent too! and he has a lot more balls to keep up in the air than I do. (and thankfully He doesn't drop any) I don't have any plans to go and lie at peoples feet. (read the book) or to go picking up stray barley in some strangers field. However I know and have learned enough to know that even though the book was written well over 2000 years ago the message is much the same. God has a plan for me, and it's a good one. My job is to hang tough, be obedient and do whatever He tells me. Happy juggling peeps.

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