Sunday, 5 July 2009

am I the worlds' worst blogger?

I realise I'm not very good at keeping this updated but apparently more of you lovely people are reading this than I had imagined.

Next month will be the first anniversary of my arriving here. I always said I would see how I felt in a year and all I can say is. No regrets. I simply love it here and am so thankful for so much. The weather has been simply gorgeous and we are just back from my son having a dip in the sea just down the road. The very sea I can see from my lounge window. Even oldest daughter is settling down and smiling more than frowning these days! The summer brings with it loooooong days and I am still able to read a news paper out side at nearly midnight. Not that I do. But could if I wanted to!

We've enjoyed annual events such as the local gala day where children dress up and parade with a piped band and carnival floats. There is also a local raft race with much flour and egg throwing. Folk festivals, St. Magnus festival, shopping week, jazz festival, county shows. The island comes to life for the summer months and having been here through the winter months I know they have other delights to offer too. Notice from the picture that even our graffiti is upmarket!

All in all a jolly good move (in case you were wondering)

I would end this by saying I promise to write more often, but we know that isn't going to happen ;-)