Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Slow, slow, get-off-my-toe

Tuesdays nights I love. Every Tuesday at the community centre I have two and a half hours away from the children to learn ceilidh dancing. (pronounced 'kay-lee') ceilidhs are a common event in Orkney so I thought I might as well learn what I'm doing. So far I've managed to pick up the dances fairly well and it doesn't arf keep yer fit! In England the ceilidhs I've been to, the band walks you through the dances first. Not so up here you just have to jump right in. So for the sake of the mens' toes should I be lucky enough to get a dance I'm learning to twinkle, in advance. (If you don't know what a twinkle is, it's back, back, forward, forward, back. Unless of course you're the man then you have to do it in reverse) Are you keeping up? Jolly good. The beauty of it is I have great fun, bust some lard and all for only £1. That covers the cost of the room and the rest goes to charity so all in all it's a bargain of a night! you thankfully get a wee break in the middle to prevent collapse and are never without a dance partner. Just remember to take a fan for cooling off. Anyone for the Spanish Jive?

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