Friday, 24 October 2008

Homesickness, hobbies and winter coats.

After two and a half months here now I experienced my first pang of homesickness this week. Thankfully it hasn't been all consuming or indeed enough to make me consume large amounts of chocolate while crying into my coffee. (Don't even drink coffee) but to be fair it's been enough to make me dig deep and know that in all things 'this too shall pass'

So as I write this the wind is howling round the house and the rain is pouring down. Thankfully I'm not a sun worshiper so it doesn't really bother me. In fact I feel quite cosy. ( A friend has been teasing me about my need for a decent windproof/rainproof jacket with a hood since I arrived here. I'm beginning to think she may be right. ;o) ) Thankfully I've plenty to amuse myself with during the winter evenings. I've always been quite happy in my own company and enjoy reading so that will continue. I also love playing online scrabble with friends. I have one friend who wins 2/3 of the games we play but I enjoy trying to keep up! My faith in God is a constant source of comfort to me. I don't know where I would be without Him. And sometimes it's nice to just put on a DVD. I'm making new friends all the time and other opportunities begin to open up. I'm settling into church and am looking forward to a games evening and ceilidh Saturday evening. So all in all there is plenty to keep me away from the ironing. No complaints there!

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