Monday, 2 February 2009

Loving it here.

It's been a crazy few weeks. Flying out to Florida, coming back for a quick turn around then flying South (every where is South from Orkney. John O' Groats is still south. If you go north you hit the North Pole always go south!) for Christmas, flying back to Orkney for new year, A loft conversion just finished (hurrah) and waiting to be painted, getting the children back into term, and dealing with the the coughs and colds that seem to appear with January. However one thing I know for certain is that I love Orkney and feel a huge sense of peace that I am in the right place. The bible says we will have a 'peace that passes all understanding' and I certainly got me some a' that. Going back south reminded me of what I already knew. That I love it here! No traffic jams, or huge shops with rows and rows of tacky giff that no one really wants needs or can afford. People still question why I would make such a move and I appreciate it wouldn't be every ones cup of tea (or is that Iron Bru?) but it's great for me. I love opening my door and smelling the sea air and how that alone takes me back to childhood holidays. I love how my son stops off with a friend every day to see the seals by his school. I love driving through the country side and seeing the old stone houses from years ago and wondering what tales they have to tell. I love the spectacular skies, sunsets, sunrises. (Pictured below is a sunset taken on Scapa Beach on Jan 2nd) I love the atmosphere and the boats and the see and the creativity and the open space. The list goes on. It just feels so right.
Needless to say it was not hard for me to attend a launch night on Saturday of 'Love Orkney' It certainly seems to be my daily phrase. Love Orkney has been born out of a group of praying women who attended a christian conference a year ago called Islands Ablaze. From that they prayed and sought God on what they were to do. The heart of the message is as simple as the title. Love Orkney, pray in all the parishes, love the people, share the gospel message, help those in need. It very much links in with the lighthouses of prayer which I wrote about back in November. The launch night was held in Harray which is the heart of Orkney and had a huge turn out despite the winds. Boats were cancelled and it was a grim night but still some 200 people turned out to hear about the vision for Love Orkney, enjoy the music provided by Michael Harcus as well as the the Men of Orkney choir and songs from the CE children. There was a supper afterwards with traditional Orcadian 'bannocks' which is unleavened flat bread served with cheese and very much enjoyed. (It's worth mentioning that Orkney cheese is delicious too) followed by heart shaped shortbread and cakes. All in all a very encouraging evening. Did I mention I love it here?
Photos of the evening and more information about Love Orkney can be found here