Saturday, 4 October 2008

7 Weeks already?!!

I can't believe I've already been here 7 weeks. How time has flown. Driving up took 14 hours followed by a ferry crossing. My darling friend Julia kindly came along and listened to my talking non stop talking then covered the late shift while I slept. The only down side was that we drove through the Scottish highlands in the dark and didn't get to take in the beauty of it. However that aside we had a great journey up. Elliot was a little gem and slept a lot of the way. The dog was an absolute superstar and behaved brilliantly. Julia and I chatted and laughed all the way and managed to consume several packets of sweets provided by kindly folk before we left. What a journey to remember. (If you're wondering where Katie was in all this she was flying up later as she was booked for Soul Survivour.)

We arrived at the ferry port and had a few hours to sleep before our boat sailed. I slept well but poor Julia manged the grand total of 20 minutes. To top it off she was freeeeeezing and still never lost her sense of humour. I shall always be grateful to her.

The ferry crossing was a dream. No one was sick, no one felt sick and we reached my promised land before we knew it. Even the flags were put out for our arrival thanks to a good friend and local. What a welcome! I couldn't have asked for a better journey up and will always remember what a great start to my time here was. Thank you Julia! X


Harry said...

Dear Sarah,

Your adventures leave me in awe and you clearly are a tough cookie. I love the bubbly tone of your first post on your blog. I am proud to be the first to add a comment. This is because I got up on Korean time and it is about 5 a.m. in Comberton. It is peaceful although it promises to be tumultuous later. Give my regards to Elliott and Kate,

with best wishes, Harry

Anonymous said...

I already ken why ye love it up there... HIGHLAND PARK!

All best