Monday, 6 October 2008

Seas, scenes and seals

I've always loved the sea and to live near enough to enjoy it daily has been a lifetime ambition of mine. I can now see the sea from my living room and it's a daily joy to look out of the window with a cup of tea and take in the view. The scenery in Orkney is spectacular and one I hope never to take for granted. There's a real mix of sandy beaches and rugged coastlines which I've enjoyed exploring. Recently we were driving home from church and Elliot said ''is that a seal?'' My first thought was that it would be a rock and a rather hopeful imaginative young boy. However sure enough there was a seal sitting on the rocks just hangin' out as seals do! A few days later he saw one while at school. He is right by the water at school so a seal would make a lovely distraction. All I ever got was the lawnmower in the summer.

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