Saturday, 22 August 2009

One year (and a bit) on

I can hardly believe I have been here just over a year now. I always said I would give it a year before I truely declared it the right move but I can say with hand on heart that decision was made months ago. I have no regrets about moving here. (well maybe one, I should have done it sooner) My dad tells me I should get a job at the tourist board as I could sell Orkney to everyone. Here are some reasons why.....

I have been working long and hard over the summer but thanks to the long hours of daylight I could still enjoy a dog walk to my favourite spot in Birsay late into the evening. (The stones pictured are just one of many, many creations one stumbles upon while walking. Very arty. )

I haven't taken one single hayfever tablet since being here. (Gave one to the dog but I've been fine) The clear, sea air has done me the world of good.

I've not sat at a red light, been in a traffic jam, had anyone try to clean my windows while I sit at said red light, encountered parking problems, paying for parking problems orr had to wait to be squished onto a park and ride bus with hundreds of others for a year now.

It really is another world here with a slower pace of life and beauty to be seen at every turn. I've no intention of going anywhere else. God willing my parents are moving here too. About time, the ironing pile has been waiting patiently ;-)