Thursday, 3 February 2011

For those in peril on the sea

As I write this, today is NOT a good day for sailing. Winds of 80-90 mph. Nothing like recent Australia storms I know but even so, 'hids gey windy oot thar'

Last Saturday was a kinder day and we took a trip to see the Kirkwall lifeboat as they were having an open day. We were allowed on the lifeboat where one of the crew showed us round and answered all the many questions like ''where do you keep the dead bodies'' asked by my charming 17 year old daughter! My son on the other hand was more concerned where they kept the biscuits and sweets but he enjoyed sitting up front at the wheel too.

Having grown up in the midlands, as far away from the sea as a person can get, I didn't have much appreciation for the work of the lifeboats but living by the sea I can't stress how vital their role is. Run entirely by volunteers apart from one paid member of staff employed to keep the engines/boat in tip top condition we were very impressed by how much work and commitment goes in. I was surprised to hear that you didn't have to be experienced with the sea or boats to volunteer. I thought that would be expected. But it was pointed out that most crew are fishermen away for long periods of time so local people are needed who are nearby all the time should the need arise. I have to admire those volunteers who get sea sick but do it anyway because they want to help.

Big thank you to Kirkwall lifeboat crew for letting us look around. Very interesting. I was some chuffed to win a bottle of wine on the tombola too :-D

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My Morning

so you know those days when you get a phone call from a friend wanting you to drive to theirs with jump leads because their car won't start so you chuck on old rag bag clothes and a hat to cover your bed hair and drive down to the friends once you've rummaged in the garage to find the jump leads and the dud car is on the drive which doubles as a sloping ice rink so you spend ages pushing the car off the sloping ice rink and turning your car around on the sloping ice rink and you finally line up the cars bumper to bumper and by now you can't feel your feet or your hands and you are walking around like Bambi on ice and slipping everywhere on the ice and you get the bonnet up and do all the jiggery pokery with the jump leads and the car still won't start because it's not the battery at all it's the actually immobilizer? Well. That.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Everybody want's to SEE the cat

But the blog is misbehaving so I can't post the picture. I'm reffering to the blog I just blogged before I blogged this super quick blog. Look underneath this one.

EDIT: Finally sorted it. Here she is.

Elephants, Leopards & Lobsters

Friday night saw a group of us headed to a local club for a charity event called Gogo Lobsters. This was a combination of a local band, Stereo Lobsters and a charity called Gogo Olives.

The charity raises funds by knitting and selling animals like the one pictured enjoying a pint. (they are usually better behaved, this one was led astray) Great fun was had by all. Lots of laughter, music and dancing. Half way through the evening one of the friends I arrived with disappeared off to the toilets and emerged a leopard. We couldn't help but wonder if she had been drinking more than the elephant. Everybody wants to be a cat, however if you want to own one you can purchase knitted leopards, but my crazy friend is not for sale. All in all a great evening and £2400 raised for a very worthy cause. Check out the website for more info.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

REBOOT- Back by popular demand

It's been literally yonks since my last Blog. Lot's of Christmas emails asking when I will be getting back into gear and updating it. It seems there is a genuine interest in my musings. You're a good lot.

2011 starts with my job hunting. I was made redundant on Christmas eve so not a great start to the New Year but I realise I'm amongst many others who are in the same boat. I refuse to let it get my down.

There will be other events happening this year which will mean big adjustments. My daughter will be leaving home if all goes to plan. This will happen about August, September time. Do you have any idea how blinkin' soon that will come round? I can hardly believe it. Two minutes ago it was all S Club 7 and babysitters club, now it's driving lessons and UCAS trauma.

I'm also going to lose more weight. I lost three stone in 2010 and was delighted. I want to continue and lose more. It's pretty much the same New year stuff I know but I have other more exciting plans. I'm just not going to tell you what they are yet. Keep you coming back. ;-)

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Only in Orkney

My parents received this letter today addressed to

''Mrs ........ SRN on her birthday & Mr ......... & her daughter and her children at a newly built bungalow on the islands c/o postmen of the islands (if they would be so kind) The Orkneys Scotland''

Orkney is small but not THAT small and Orkney people do not like Orkney being referred to as The Orkneys. All in all a huge thumbs up and well done to the postal team for managing that one.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Wind,Westray and giant spacehoppers

I was due to go to Westray for the weekend on Friday and had been looking forward to it for several weeks. I've only had a brief visit there and was ready to see a bit more of the much talked about island. Some say it's where God goes for His holidays. Sadly the one day I was due to set sail was the day the winds really picked up. Not a bonnie day at it has to be said. I had read the forecast and was feeling slightly sick at the thought of being sick on a rocky boat. I was given a pep talk from a friend about the finer points of a boat's bottom. The outer isles boats have a flat bottom so they sit on top of the water. (or was it a flat bottom?) anyway I'll leave all the technical stuff to him. All I cared about was his reassurance that I would survive the crossing and emerge without looking green. I woke on the Friday morning with renewed bravery and vigor. I was ready to tough it out on the flat (or is it round?) bottomed boat and packed my overnight case. The winds had other ideas and and just over an hour before we were due to leave the boat was cancelled (along with nearly all the other boats I hasten to add!) So my visit to Westray is on hold and my breakfast lived to see another day. Shame. I was genuinly feeling braver than normal. Maybe I was just too proud to wimp out.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Instead of chilling out in Westray I found myself sitting on a giant space hopper at a church family fun night in aid of Sport relief. Most things in life seem to get smaller. (creme eggs, wagon wheels you ken the way?) but this was the biggest space hopper I've seen and I was itching for a go. I had to bounce round a course and didn't bounce very far! It was exhausting but a great way to keep fit. I think my space hopper days are over but I had ace fun. I've a feeling though it wasn't a good look. ah well.