Tuesday, 4 January 2011

REBOOT- Back by popular demand

It's been literally yonks since my last Blog. Lot's of Christmas emails asking when I will be getting back into gear and updating it. It seems there is a genuine interest in my musings. You're a good lot.

2011 starts with my job hunting. I was made redundant on Christmas eve so not a great start to the New Year but I realise I'm amongst many others who are in the same boat. I refuse to let it get my down.

There will be other events happening this year which will mean big adjustments. My daughter will be leaving home if all goes to plan. This will happen about August, September time. Do you have any idea how blinkin' soon that will come round? I can hardly believe it. Two minutes ago it was all S Club 7 and babysitters club, now it's driving lessons and UCAS trauma.

I'm also going to lose more weight. I lost three stone in 2010 and was delighted. I want to continue and lose more. It's pretty much the same New year stuff I know but I have other more exciting plans. I'm just not going to tell you what they are yet. Keep you coming back. ;-)

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