Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My Morning

so you know those days when you get a phone call from a friend wanting you to drive to theirs with jump leads because their car won't start so you chuck on old rag bag clothes and a hat to cover your bed hair and drive down to the friends once you've rummaged in the garage to find the jump leads and the dud car is on the drive which doubles as a sloping ice rink so you spend ages pushing the car off the sloping ice rink and turning your car around on the sloping ice rink and you finally line up the cars bumper to bumper and by now you can't feel your feet or your hands and you are walking around like Bambi on ice and slipping everywhere on the ice and you get the bonnet up and do all the jiggery pokery with the jump leads and the car still won't start because it's not the battery at all it's the actually immobilizer? Well. That.


Ash said...

I wish I had a car!

Sarah said...

Car's are great it's true. But when they don't work or won't go in the snow and need paying for then buses are a blessing ;-)