Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Hello mum *waving*

Talking to mum recently on the phone she said ''you haven't updated your blog lately'' to which I replied ''You actually read it???!!'' I was unaware people actually log on from time to time to read my musings. (maybe it's only my mum) So as promised mother dear here's an update and a wave ;-

Life has been busy as usual but enjoyable so no complaints. A few weeks ago I was asked to show a visiting friend of a friend some of the places to see in Orkney. Our first stop was Skara Brae an ancient neolithic settlement. In modern speak it was a 5 thousand year old housing estate which was uncovered in the winter of 1850 after a severe storm. What lay beneath the years of sand and earth was a rabbit warren of houses and 'corridors' showing the homes of our ancestors. The condition of these homes was virtually intact and it was amazing to see how resourceful these people had been. It was hard to truely visualise it however until we went into the reconstructed house complete with roof and we were able to see how small their accomodation was with several people all living in one room. The weather on that day was grim. That awful drizzly, grey rain. Imagine living like that with no electricity and worse still no broadband!

The weather improved the following day and we were able to cover more places to see including the Italian Chapel and shipwrecks, but it reminded me that there is an awful lot of Orkney to discover and I've really only just begun.

Other news is that I'm now working in a restaurant called Waterside and loving it. It's pretty much on the doorstep and fits perfectly around the children and my extensive social diary (ha!) and all in all it's been a real gift.

The next Love Orkney celebration is taking place on Saturday and I was with a couple of friends yesterday practising a wee drama we are going to be doing. The script was written in Orcadian and most of the afternoon was spent with the three of us crying with laughter as I tried to translate from Orcadian to English on the spot and not sound like Joanna Lumley. It's not meant to be a comedy but turned out more like a scene from Acorn Antiques with the 'cast' really not taking our role seriously and ending up not being able to look at one another without cracking up. I guess it will be alright on the night.....

I'm looking forward to a visit from mum and dad in a couple of weeks and hoping the weather is in our favour. There's a lot to pack into a week.

I'm still enjoying my frequent dog walks on the beach. Sadly the computer is sick so no photos today. However all in all life is good, all is well and I'll try to update more often I promise! toodle pips darlings. (said in Joanna Lumley type way)

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Not just your mother, I read ye too!